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Chicago Low Light Office Plants 

We have good choice of Chicago low light office plants that thrive in workspaces and waiting areas of businesses medical offices etc.

When it comes to interior landscaping and office plants in Chicago, one of the major things our Interior plantscape designers will account for is the amount of light available. Whether your company needs low light, medium, or high light plants, Emerald Plant Services, INC is here to meet your plantscape design needs. Most office locations have a higher need for low light plants, but also medium & high light plants. The amount of low light indoor plants we will be using will vary from company to company, depending on the windows in the building, and the direction they are facing. 

Light is measured in foot-candles: one foot-candle is, in simple terms: how bright the light is one foot away from the source. Here at Emerald Plant Services, Inc. We have the tools available to ensure that your office’s needs for plant lighting are planned with expert accuracy. Throughout the seasons, your Chicago office plant rental needs will vary, depending on the location of the sun during that time.

Light is crucial to plant health. Our Plant Technicians and Plantscape Designers work hard together to make sure all of your plants, whether low light, medium, or high light are set up in the correct locations for optimum plant growth.
We also perform routine indoor plant maintenance in Chicago to ensure that your plants are kept up with so your workplace can continue to maintain a warm, inviting experience with cleaner air, reduced stress, and beautiful foliage. Contact us today so we can get started! 
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