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Plantscape Design & Maintenance Company Serving Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana

Emerald Plant Services Inc. is a family-owned-and-operated interior plantscape business and we specialize in office plant rentals as well as office plant design and maintenance. We focus on providing interior plants to commercial buildings such as offices, hospitals, and restaurants to create an attractive, relaxing theme. You can count on us to bring more than 30 years of experience to your business and help create a truly unique atmosphere. Our company is just the right size to get the job done quickly and pay close attention to every detail of your job and to respond faster than other companies. When you call on us, we can usually see you the same day to deliver the results you need.
Interior Plants Designing — Outside Office Plants in Chicagoland, IL
Office Plants
Plants Designing & Maintenance — Inside Office With three Plant Box in Chicagoland, IL
Office Plants

Skilled Designers

Our team works directly with offices, lobbies, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, and other commercial spaces to create a unique, inviting atmosphere that people enjoy. You pick the plants you like and we help you choose which plants work best in your office and in your overall plan. We have a range of high-, low-, and, medium-light plants, as well as many choices for containers.

Once you have chosen your plants, our skilled team comes in and installs your new features, and our technicians come in once a week to provide maintenance. By providing maintenance for you, we can offer you a no-fault guarantee and replace the plant free of charge if something happens. The process from the walkthrough, through plant order, up to installation takes one week.

Combining Art & Science to Build an Environment

Art, for us, is the careful selection of plants and decorative plant containers combined with strategic placement. We use a variety of plant choices to achieve textures, colors, and shapes to enhance the space. Science involves using the right plants to cleanse toxins from the air and return oxygen. We combine these two aspects of plants to create a beautiful environment reduce stress and boost productivity.